Sewer Line Services in Chattanooga, TN

Is the water level in your toilet bowl inconsistent? Does it back up frequently? Is there a nagging underlying odor of sewage on your property? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you could be in need of sewer repair in Chattanooga. The symptoms of a clogged or broken sewer line could indicate a number of problems. Collapsed or separated lines can cause sewage to make its way back into your home, or in some cases, a slope in the sewage pipes is preventing debris from flowing all the way to the tank. Sometimes your septic tank just isn't operating the way it is supposed to, or you could even find that there are tree roots in the sewer line. Leaking or corroded pipes are another common culprit. If you suspect you have any of these problems, don't worry. South East Total Service provides complete repair and sewer replacement service.

Expert Maintenance & Replacement

Sewer repair and replacement requires calling a company that possesses the proper equipment to do the job. When you call South East Total Service, you'll get just that. We'll begin by using video inspection equipment for pipe locating. This allows us to find the problem quickly and precisely. Once
Sewer— Plumbing Contractor in Chattanooga, TN
we do, we'll determine a course of action. If the clog is minor, we can use a drain snake to remove the buildup. If a rooter won't work for your drain cleanout, we might use hydro-jetting or one of our special sewer-cleaning trucks. Sometimes the problem is not a clog. If a serious issue is causing your sewage system problems, we will consult with you about replacing the system. Doing so ensures the safety of your family, your home and the environment around it.

Call for a Consultation

For a consultation regarding your sewer lines or water line repair, contact South East Total Service in Chattanooga at 423-499-2911.