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The septic system, which treats and disposes of waste, is one of the most important parts of any home, or commercial or industrial building. When it isn't working properly, the result is often stinky, messy and a health hazard. For this reason, a malfunctioning septic tank must be tended to right away. South East Total Service provides complete septic system repair in Chattanooga. Perhaps you are constructing a new building or remodeling an old one. We are also adept at septic system installation and can provide routine maintenance on the system as needed. Our work is always professional, and each of our contractors has undergone drug testing and a background check for your peace of mind.South East Total Service works with a wide range of septic system types. Most commonly, we work with sand mound systems, cesspool systems, pump stations, standard gravity systems and low-pressure pumps. While each system has its own method of doing things, each one’s job requires moving waste through the building and into a septic tank. Here, bacteria and filters remove pollutants and dangerous pathogens from the otherwise safe material. From there, the safe material is moved to a leach field – also known as a drain field – and released into the groundwater.

Expert Cleaning & Maintenance

Without proper maintenance of your septic field and tank, you could find yourself having to deal with a much more expensive replacement due to serious threats to health and the environment. A lack of septic cleaning can even lower property value. As part of our routine maintenance package, we use hydro-jetting to clear your drain lines and sewage system of clogs, and ensure they are in proper working order.

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