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24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Services in Chattanooga

24-Hour Emergencies

Some plumbing companies provide 24-hour service via answering a machine or pager. At South East Total Service, we always have a live person answering your calls 24 hours a day, every day. We provide fast, dependable emergency service.
After-hours, weekends and holidays, our courteous, pleasant and experienced plumbers are available to handle your urgent plumbing needs – usually within an hour! Call our truck to your home at any time, day or night, and you will never have to hear: "at the tone, leave your information and someone will get back to you … eventually."

Drain Cleaning

Other plumbing companies will usually come out to open a clogged drain the next day, in a few days or in a one week’s time.
At South East Total Service, our highly trained technicians can clear and/or replace any drain:
  • Main lines
  • Washing machines
  • Tubs
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Lavatory and kitchen sinks
  • Storm drains
  • Sewer lines
Excavation is required for repairs, installation or replacement of a sewer line. South East Total Service has an expert excavation crew. The whole job – from start to finish – is done solely by our employees. We can usually start the next day.


You may know a guy or have a friend of a friend who will dig down to the sewer line for a case of beer and a pizza. We would advise against this.
The South East Total Service expert excavation crew has over 16 years of experience performing excavations. So you can be confident in our capability.
Excavation is required for repairing and replacing water and sewer lines and septic system replacement. Our crews will always "call before we dig" to ensure that any and all utilities underground are identified and marked. We can do it all safely and with minimal property alteration.


Hydro-jetting is the use of 4,000 psi at 22 gallons per minute of water pressure controlled through custom nozzles. Hydro-jetting is designed to open blocked pipes and remove buildup caused by normal use of the drainage system. This procedure is also used to de-scale cast iron, remove grease and eliminate roots in the drainage system.
If your drains are clogged, snaking the line will punch through the blockage, which creates a temporary opening in the pipe. Hydro-jetting uses high-pressure water to scrub away years of accumulated buildup inside the pipes. There is no better way to get your pipes draining as well as the day they were installed, unless they are replaced completely. Once the drains have been hydro-jetted, regularly scheduled maintenance is the key to keeping the drainage system in top operating condition. Find out more about maintenance products.
More reasons to hydro-jet:
  • Eliminate emergency drain problems
  • Facilitate the initiation of a preventative maintenance program
  • Prevent damage to property or equipment
  • Reduce the chance of losing business revenue in a commercial setting

Line Location

By taking the guesswork out of line location, you can save time and money. South East Total Service has the equipment to find cast iron, PVC, conduit and all other underground utilities. Avoid unnecessary digging, and use your time and money on the things you really want.

Maintenance Products

Sure you can buy a drain cleaner in the supermarket to get your pipes flowing again! But this method is usually only temporary.
South East Total Service offers maintenance products to repair and stop recurring plumbing problems. Slow drains and backups are common annoying plumbing problems that seem to plague most properties. Common causes include grease or food buildup in sink drains, hair buildup in shower drains, lint and other natural material buildup in laundry lines as well as roots in the main sewer line. All of these causes can be treated and eliminated with regular use of our maintenance product:


Don't know if roots are the cause of your plumbing problems?
Common signs of roots in the main line:
  • Reoccurring drain problems
  • Ground settling along the pipeline
A South East Total Service technician can determine if you have roots in the line.
RootX is a safe, simple and effective solution to pipeline root intrusion without hurting the tree or plant itself. The active ingredient in this product will kill only the roots with which it comes in contact and prevents their re-growth for up to one year. The environmentally safe chemical combination helps speed up the natural decomposition of roots. When mixed with water, RootX creates a foam that fills the entire pipe and leaves a residue above the water line to inhibit new growth.
The South East Total Service technician will add the product and water to your system through the outside clean out access. Some situations, such as root blockage, require mechanical root-cutting equipment to be most effective. The use of this equipment alone is only a short-term solution because, as with pruning, the new growth comes back bigger and stronger where it was cut. The bigger, stronger roots will eventually destroy the line. An excavation and line replacement is the only way to completely solve that problem. An annual treatment or maintenance program will always cost less than replacing a broken line.

Septic Tanks

South East Total Service can repair, replace and provide preventative maintenance programs for your septic system. We can help you avoid septic system damage with maintenance products and by cleaning the drain field with the hydro-jetter.
Types of systems include:
  • ​Standard gravity
  • Cesspool
  • Low-pressure pump
  • Pump stations
  • Sand mound systems 

Video Inspection

South East Total Service will inspect your line with our camera equipment and explain the condition of your pipes while you watch on the monitor. We can show you a break in the line, greasy buildup, clogs, roots or anything that is causing your reoccurring problem.
Out of town, at work or away from your property? Learn more about our remote job monitoring.
This equipment may also be used to inspect septic tanks, ventilation ducts, crawl spaces, chimneys, attics, wells and much more.

Water Conditioning

South East Total Service can help remedy water that smells, tastes like chlorine or is discolored by minerals. We will come out and test the water to determine the best way to make your tap water more desirable. But that is only one of the benefits of using a water conditioning system.
Iron filters eliminate red water. Both sediment and carbon cartridges are available in filters that remove dirt from your tap water. Acid neutralizers are used if you have any blue-green staining caused by low pH. Ultraviolet purifiers remove bacteria. Each of these solutions can be used at a residential and commercial location.

Well Pumps

Don't worry about sending your pumps back to the manufacturer for repair. South East Total Service technicians are trained to diagnose and repair pumps of all makes and models.
Need a pump? We can install:
  • Well pumps (submersible and jet-style)
  • Well tanks
  • Sewage pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • Jacuzzi pumps
  • Pool pumps