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Whether in your home or your commercial property, clogged drains are inconvenient, messy and often create much larger problems if not tended to. South East Total Service has been providing expert drain cleaning service in Chattanooga since 2007. Every person who works for our company is qualified, trained and highly experienced. When you call us, we come to your property armed with a drain snake, auger and rooter to find the problem and get rid of it as soon as possible. If a clog is particularly hard to find, we can use professional video equipment to search for the precise spot and determine the best way to remove the buildup. We'll then test the water to ensure that drains are working properly. We don't consider the job complete until you are 100-percent satisfied.
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Clogged Sink, Bathtub or Shower? We Can Help

While routine maintenance is necessary to clean out buildup, you can prevent unexpected and serious problems by keeping a close eye on what goes down your drains. In the shower, hair is the most common culprit. When not cleaned out regularly, it will cause your drain to stop working, leading to a slimy mess in the bottom of the tub. Adding a drain cover to your shower can help to catch some of the hair – just be sure to clean it out after every use.

The kitchen sink is another area we often unclog. You should never put grease down your drains, but many people don't realize this. When grease and other fatty substances find their way into your pipes, they will stick to the sides. As you pour more in, the deposits eventually buildup and completely block the pipes. Soap deposits, food and toilet paper also cause routine clogs in the kitchen and bathroom.

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